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Tips When Choosing a Table Saw

We have seen that the table saw is perfect for cutting angles, but how to navigate in all the different models available on the market? I try to help you make the right choice here.

We are interested exclusively in electric saws.

To choose well, you need to read the best table saw reviews to educate yourself.

Engine Power

It can be variable and is mostly between 1400 watts and 2500 watts. More power means more precision and ease of dealing with tough pieces.


Height and Width of Cut

Very important depending on the parts you are going to have to work. Remember that in this case, which can do the most can the least, do not hesitate to take a saw with a height and a cutting width a little larger than what you need in the immediate future, you will be glad to have it on your next job.

For radial miter saws (which allows cross-cuts with a carriage that will give you the ability to move the blade without moving your piece of wood), the width can go up to over 320 millimeters.

Speed of Rotation of the Blade

Here again, it varies according to the tools, but it is between 3,000 and 5,000 rpm. Attention, a more powerful engine does not necessarily mean that the speed of rotation of the blade will be higher.

But the power of the engine AND the speed of rotation of the combined blade are what will determine the ability of the saw to cut a particular material.

The Blade

It is to choose precisely in relation to the type of material that you will have to work. Different materials = different blades . The number of teeth also differs and can be between 40 and 60 teeth per blade.

This will have an effect on the finish of the cut, more teeth will provide a sharper and more accurate.


In different materials, it often has adjustable corner stops and sometimes removable extensions for longer pieces.

In addition, you will find a clamping system, often screwed, to fix your piece of wood safely and accurately.