How To Clean Your Dogs Bed

The dirty dog bed is a source of dangerous pathogens for the dog, but also for the rest of the human family. Our furry life companions walk through the park, frolic in the mud, when not in even less hygienic substances, and sniff all kinds of objects, animals, and areas that capture their interest.

After walking with the dog, it is important to clean their legs and remove any type of substance that may have adhered to their fur.

For this, brushing your dog is also an ally. And, of course, the bathrooms will be necessary for emergency situations.

The risk of getting diseases, however, does not end here. The humans share about 100 complaints with our dogs and cats. These figures require extreme precautions and cleanliness, also in the bed of our furry life partners. But how do you clean the dog’s bed?

Here are some simple tricks to get it:

Choose Well

The hygiene of the dog bed is one of the first aspects that we must take into account before buying the rest area of our dog. Beds for dogs are of many types, you can choose an unrippable dog bed. But not all beds are equally easy to clean.

The first step is to check the product labels and verify that the washing method proposed by the manufacturer is easy and feasible to do at home. It is usual to get carried away by a beautiful model, but will it be just as attractive when the puppy dog urinates on and we do not know how to wash it?

The simplest advice is to choose a dog bed that can be put into the washing machine with ease. And, can even allow being introduced in the dryer.

Vacuum Cleaner

The first step to clean the dog’s bed is to vacuum the mat. This simple gesture will eliminate much of the hair and canine hairs that have been embedded.

The vacuum cleaner will also protect the washing machine where we will clean the mattress, it will prevent possible jams in the mechanism.

A simple roll of adhesive paper helps to remove more of the dog’s hair. We can also use it between washing and washing, to keep the bed as clean as possible.

Cleaning Time

The dog bed accumulates everything that the dog brings with him after walks in the park dirt, mud, and insects, such as fleas and ticks. Cleaning the resting area of the dog regularly is the easiest way to protect your furry friend (and the rest of the house) from an infection.

The dog’s bed must go through the washing machine at least once a month. The chosen program must use hot water, in this way, we will eliminate the dirt better.

Before the washing machine, we can put the dog’s bed to soak in hot soapy water, in a tub or in the bathtub, if it is very large. This simple bathroom will help remove more dirt.

Dry Well

If we have a dryer at home, we can put the dog’s mat. Before venturing, however, you have to carefully read the product label, to make sure that the mat will not be damaged.

Otherwise, you will have to dry it on the clothesline and then check that you have lost all the moisture before putting it back at home.

Dog-Friendly Detergent

The dogs also suffer from allergies. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the detergent we use to wash the dog’s bed does not harm their skin and fur.

An important recommendation is to avoid products with ammonia to clean the dog’s bed, canine urine contains ammonium and, therefore, products with ammonia can encourage the dog to relieve itself on his bed.

Also, if your furry companion is one of those who nibble on your bed, it will be necessary to use a detergent without harmful substances that they can ingest.

Your veterinarian will be, in this case, an ally to choose the best product.

Tips When Choosing a Table Saw

We have seen that the table saw is perfect for cutting angles, but how to navigate in all the different models available on the market? I try to help you make the right choice here.

We are interested exclusively in electric saws.

To choose well, you need to read the best table saw reviews to educate yourself.

Engine Power

It can be variable and is mostly between 1400 watts and 2500 watts. More power means more precision and ease of dealing with tough pieces.


Height and Width of Cut

Very important depending on the parts you are going to have to work. Remember that in this case, which can do the most can the least, do not hesitate to take a saw with a height and a cutting width a little larger than what you need in the immediate future, you will be glad to have it on your next job.

For radial miter saws (which allows cross-cuts with a carriage that will give you the ability to move the blade without moving your piece of wood), the width can go up to over 320 millimeters.

Speed of Rotation of the Blade

Here again, it varies according to the tools, but it is between 3,000 and 5,000 rpm. Attention, a more powerful engine does not necessarily mean that the speed of rotation of the blade will be higher.

But the power of the engine AND the speed of rotation of the combined blade are what will determine the ability of the saw to cut a particular material.

The Blade

It is to choose precisely in relation to the type of material that you will have to work. Different materials = different blades . The number of teeth also differs and can be between 40 and 60 teeth per blade.

This will have an effect on the finish of the cut, more teeth will provide a sharper and more accurate.


In different materials, it often has adjustable corner stops and sometimes removable extensions for longer pieces.

In addition, you will find a clamping system, often screwed, to fix your piece of wood safely and accurately.


Bad Eating Habits Of Dogs

You have just taken your daily walk with your dog and while you have just finished praising his behavior to your neighbor, he starts eating from the litter box. What does he take? Coprophagia (a technical term for the act of eating dirty) is unpleasant but is not an unusual behavior in dogs.

The good news is that in general, this is not dangerous for your dog. The bad, you already know it, is that it is disgusting, dirty and that it gives your dog the worst breath imaginable. There is also the risk that your dog catches parasites if it eats the stools of other animals.


No one is really sure of the reasons for this behavior, but several are possible. It may just be that they like it. Dogs communicate with the world by their mouths. They like to wear sticks and they love to chew toys or bones.

Dogs also love things that smell strong and the excrement obviously falls into this category. Strange as it may seem, your dog is probably eating dejections to look at something that interests him.

Disrupted Puppies

It sometimes happens that puppies eat their own feces when they learn to clean. This happens because they are not yet sure where they can defecate or not. Afraid of having done something stupid, the puppies will “destroy all evidence”.

This kind of behavior can also happen with adult dogs that remain locked inside. The dogs often eat the stools of their puppies by cleaning them at their youngest age. This is perhaps a basic instinct.

In the wild, eating the droppings of her cubs would have served to lessen the attention of a possible predator on its scope.

Eating Disorders

One of the most common theories about this behavior is to think that dogs compensate for certain nutritional deficiencies in their diet. Herbivorous feces may contain vitamins that do not fit into your dog’s usual diet.

Cat food is rich in protein. So cat litter can attract your dog. You must imperatively and quickly discourage this behavior because cat litter can be toxic to your dog.


To solve this problem, the best thing is to simply pick up your dog’s stool and manageĀ a right garbage disposal after he has made his needs. Some suggest sprinkling pepper, Tabasco or paraffin on stools to give them a “bad taste”. There are also additives for your dog’s food that taste good when ingested but that become bitter when digested so that the feces become inedible.

Unfortunately, these methods are not effective for all dogs. Generally, to manage coprophagy, the best solution is to be gentle but firm in discouraging this behavior. Be above all constant in your discipline.

Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian who will detect any additional nutritional needs of your dog.

Garbage Disposal Issues: What to do?

Is your garbage crusher broken? Contact a professional plumber quickly, the only one to have the necessary skills to troubleshoot your device. Look into the price of this type of repair as necessary.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

The cost of a plumber to repair a crusher depends on the nature of the problem. It may be congestion of the pipes. A clogging of evacuation channels occurs if your sink crusher fails to grind waste or toilet paper properly.

This problem also occurs if you throw other objects such as pads, wipes, or condoms into the toilet bowl. The plumber will intervene to unclog your appliance and your pipes. It will also check if your garbage disposal is working properly.

Allow around $50 per hour for the work of a professional and between 20 and 40 $ for his travel expenses.

Broken Blades

The blades on your grinder can break if you throw a solid object into the machine. Although they are made of metal, these elements can be damaged by attempting to crush cardboard packages or plastic objects.

The broken blades are recognized by an unusual sound when the unit is switched on. The professional will make the necessary repairs. Add the spare parts price to the craftsman’s hourly rate and travel expenses.

Broken Engine

garbage disposerThe engine failure is recognized by the inactivity of the disposal to start. You can call a professional to assess the damage. Since the engine is the most expensive component of the device, its price is relatively high. In most cases, it is better to change the unit rather than replacing the engine.

Approximately $100 for an entry-level disposer.

So if you didn’t get one of the top garbage disposals, then make sure to follow the tips in this guide and get a professional to come out and take a look at whatever problem you have.


Renovating Your Kitchen The Right Way

Today I am returning to a topic that I did not discuss for some time in my handyman days.

There are so many queries like “I have such furniture and I want you to tell me how to decorate my whole house”.

As you will imagine, designing a space is something that takes a lot of time and could hardly be clear the client’s needs through a vague description.

A common question we get is: “I am about to renovate my kitchen but I do not have much budget.

Any tips for reusing the cupboards or painting old tiles?”

Currently, I am renovating my kitchen, and I hope soon to share with you the before and after, so this topic is perfect.

There are many ways in which we can save costs when renovating a kitchen, so today I want to tell you some of the most practical:

Kitchen Furniture

I always say that painting is the easiest way to renovate a space, and cooking is no exception. You can paint furniture doors to completely change the look of your kitchen. In most cases, it is enough to sand the wood a little to remove the gloss of the varnish or the previous paint and then you can paint it without a problem.

Note that if the original paint is based on oil (oil, synthetic enamel, etc.) you can not apply paint to the water above, as it does not adhere correctly; But it works the other way around, you can apply oil-based paint on a water-based paint.

This technique is not exclusive to wood furniture, you can also paint veneered furniture. For this, the first thing is to clean them well to remove the dust and/or grease, then to pass a very fine sandpaper, just to increase the adhesion of the surface. Since, if you sand much you will finish breaking the first layer.

Then you have to apply a primer coat – this applies to whatever you need to paint – and then apply the paint of the color you want. As the last step, I recommend applying a lacquer or other product that generates a protective film, so that the furniture can be cleaned easily.


Who would not want to have stone decks? Such is the marble that is so fashionable today. However, these are quite expensive, and therefore are not for all pockets.

The good thing is that there are other options to renovate the worktops for much less, such as reuse the existing decks and cover them with a concrete base.

Even today you find some epoxy products that create a movie that looks like stone. If you have theĀ skill you can do it yourself.

Kitchen Sinks

No kitchen is complete without a sink obviously. We would recommend getting one of the best kitchen sink faucets so that you can install it easily and have the renovation go smoothly.

Well, that concludes my article, hope you found the tips valuable.